The unstoppable lumberjack from Maryland – Darvin Moon

The unstoppable lumberjack from western Maryland

Darvin Moon from Oakland, USA, the self employed logger who will head into 2009 November 9 as the chip leader (with an astonishing 58.93 million in chips) is the Everyman of the this years WSOP Main event. A lead which he has held since Day Six.

The 45-year-old lumber business owner is a longtime poker player who learned the game at the feet of his grandfather many years ago, he only began playing no-limit Texas hold ‘em about three years ago. He played in local tournaments around the Maryland area that were fundraisers for local fire departments and other charitable organizations. Little did he know that poker would lead him to the 2009 WSOP Main Event, let alone the final table or the chip lead.

Early 2009, Moon won a WSOP satellite tournament at a small casino in Wheeling, West Virginia. For his $130 buy-in, he won a $16,000 package, including a $10,000 WSOP Main Event seat and $6,000 for expenses. Nevertheless, Moon remained practical. “They took $4,000 of it in taxes, so I really only had $2,000,” he said.

Moon’s realistic and sensible mind told him that playing in the main event might not be the best idea. However he changed his mind, as many other before him, after seeing the bright lights of Las Vegas and witnessing the WSOP main event spectacle in the Rio’s Amazon Room. After securing the decision with his wife Darvin signed up, took his place at the table and the rest is already poker history – no matter what happens November ninth.

“I got out there on Sunday and I went down to the poker room to watch them play,” Moon said. “When I came out of the poker room, I went up and signed up.”